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We are truly tired of having to say this but why can’t female rappers just co-exist either in the same lane or adjacent ones, maybe we’ll never know.  Nicki Minaj pulled out her feminist first card when her fans, collectively known as The Barbz started a hashtag directed to Cardi. #WriteARap started on Twitter and the Queen was not with any of the nonsense at all.  The taunting from Nicki’s fans is to let Cardi B, and her fans, understand that no matter how big Cardi may seem right now, Nicki is the Queen of writing therefore still the better lyricist.

Cardi and Nicki clashed during an altercation involving their friends and their respective camps during a Harper Bazaar after-party last year.  Cardi threw a shoe.  Nicki threw shade via her Queen Radio broadcasts.  It’s all very New York when you think about it but the two women have moved on.


However, their fans continue to interfere and want to see the two New York natives battle each other.  Neither of them are battle rappers in essence so they probably both would lose.  We’re proud to see Nicki taking the high road this time. Cardi B has not responded to the hashtag but we are sure her fans are currently brewing an equally unnecessary rebuttal. Both of the rappers have a huge base and a lot of their fans appreciate each other’s music.  They were both featured on Migos track “Motorsport,” but that was even met with controversy. We’d love to see them squash the beef via a music video cameo as we saw in the pop world with Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. We can only wish.