Check your iTunes catalog, Apple Music, Spotify, any of those and let me know how many songs you have with Future and 2 Chainz together, it’s likely not many. Somewhere in the history of Hip-Hop fans believed the two may have some subtle beef, but now that belief can be buried.

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Chainz hit Twitter and revealed that it’s no beef, all love and they, in fact, have a new single on the way together.

“People thought me and Bru had a problem w/ each other which is not true,” Chainz wrote to fans on Twitter. “We have some the same street connections and spoke a lot behind closed doors!”


“This song I’m droppin #DEADMANWALKING a celebration for the streets. 2 hustlas who made it out the mud w/o hating on each other!”

On Instagram, 2 Chainz called the new single “the hardest song in the world.” It looks like it will be on the way soon. Check out the video announcement below.


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Me and @future finally linked up and made the hardest song in the world???? ??? #DEADMANWALKING #THEREALUNIVERSITY

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