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Battle rap enthusiasts worldwide will convene in Atlanta, GA to experience “Pendemonium” on August 3rd at The Music Room (327 Edgewood) on the BullPen Battle League. Produced and hosted by veteran wordsmith John John Da Don, this event will prove that while performance is key, lyrical dexterity and giftedness prevails in “the pen.”  Bars are sure to be on deck.

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What is “pandemonium?” It is a term to describe chaos, a wild uproar or a cause that sends a crowd of people into confusion or uncontrollable excitement. Playing off the suffix of the league’s name and the instrument of choice for most battlers, this battle contends that through carefully curated talent, these contests will yield classics for years to come.


As one of the most influential battle rap personalities and premier league owners, John John’s stamp of approval is valid— making the invitation to take center stage with the rest of his “bulls” one of the most intimidating offers to accept.


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Battlers brave enough to accept the call to battle fill the card’s roster as follows:

  • Casey Jay vs. Cashflow Rizzy
  • Steams vs. Superblack
  • C Moneii vs. Burke Bucs
  • PG Skillet vs. Rosenberg Raw
  • Alias vs. Brixx Belvy
  • Bad News vs. Chess

Bullpen Battle League is an elite battle rap league and the main stage of lyrical contest in the South. Founded by John John Da Don and Slick Will, it also is one of the fastest growing leagues in the culture, with a special dedication to providing quality battles and events to our audience. This commitment to excellence has attracted some of the top talents in the industry, while nurturing talent through its intensively rigorous artist development.

John John is quite busy. Next week he and Hitman Holla will battle against Goodz and Clips on SMACK/ URL’s Summer Impact card.