The man who sucker-punched Future’s bodyguard is off the hook because he’s not pressing charges.

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TMZ learned that there’s no investigation into the assault although the Civil Guard of Spain is aware of the video. The law enforcement agency claims an investigation hasn’t been done because no one came forward to press charges.

A representative for the agency allegedly said that a complaint must be filed even if the assault is with a deadly weapon. In this case, the rapper’s bodyguard was hit with a rock but no one, not even the victim, pressed the issue.


The only exception for this rule is if the assault was done on a minor or woman and if it’s fatal. None of this applies in the case of Future’s bodyguard, and as previously mentioned, he’s not pressing charges.

The attack occurred after the Purple Reign rapper was harassed by a group of about 10 men at the Ibiza airport. According to Hendrixx, the “fake thugs” were upset because he rejected their request for an autograph. The men allegedly shouted racial slurs at them but they brushed it off because they didn’t want to end up like A$AP Rocky.