Looks like Tay-K’s viral hit “The Race” was a factor in his 55-year sentencing in his murder case.

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On Tuesday morning the rapper was found guilty of murder and aggravated robbery. The Fader reported that the visuals for “The Race” were used as evidence.

The video was reportedly played for the prosecutors during a sentencing hearing on Monday and was accompanied with a print-out of the lyrics.


Following his arrest for the murder of Ethan Walker, 21, on July 2016, Tay-K was placed on house arrest before cutting off his bracelet and becoming a fugitive in March 2017.

During his run, he recorded “The Race” which detailed his time running from the law. The record and music video ultimately swayed prosecutors to give the Texas rapper 55 years in prison for murder, two concurrent 13-year prison sentences for aggravated robbery, and an additional 30-year sentence for another count of aggravated robbery.

Check out the video for “The Race” below: