The rap world was spun on its head in disbelief last week when emerging artists and The Source Magazine‘s most recent Unsigned Hype inductee, Tsu Surf has arrested again on weapon related charges. More unbelievable is that the hit happened exactly a year to date from the day an attempted assassination on him life was thwarted.

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Surf in a unicorn. He is one of the few battle rappers to have his feet successfully planted in both words: Commercial Rap and Battle Rap. However, his achilles heel is the cold hard streets of Newark and all of the alluring trimmings that he just can’t seem to shake. This street life paralleled all of the success that is hovering over his star. This is unfortunate… Not only because his career is at stake (this summer promises to be a breakthrough one for him)… But also for the people connected to him.



Case in point… He has a mixtape with Sacramento rapper Mozzy that is set to drop this summer… Surely, him being on lock will affect the promotion of the joint. But more immediately, it will affect his partner in the super group Gun Titles, Tay Roc. The two of them were billed to battle against another Loaded Hollows (Loaded Lux and Hollow Da Don) at the upcoming rap event, Summer Impact. This concert has been called the event of the decade for the premier rap league in the industry. However, with this recent arrest… things seem to be up in the air as The Wave is not available to rhyme.

But all is not lost… SMACK WHITE, owner of The Ultimate Rap League, states that they are doing everything that they can to make sure that fans still get the performance of a lifetime… even if it is not with Tsu Surf. In fact, on social media, he is reminding people why Tay Roc should not be counted out.

URL has announced that Chess, a member of Tay Roc’s Cave Gang, will step in as a substitute. They will form the new group, GunzNCake.

It makes sense… He is hungry. He has been hanging out with both Surf and Roc all summer… And has had a few good showings over his last few battles.

Chess says “People thought it was over for me… but nah… Can’t no old nigga gonna talk to me?”

Some were rooting for Ave or Chef Trez. If The Source could have weighed in… we wanted Brizz to do double duty and kill a bunch of Mt. Rushmore Vets in one single execution.

Fans are responding!!!!