One of the attorneys for R. Kelly stated the singer vanished during the transportation from the Chicago federal facility to Brooklyn for court and he was unable to speak with him.

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Court documents reveal Attorney Douglas Anton didn’t place the R&B singer on a plane until Thursday afternoon and after landing in New Jersey, Kells was off the grid before his appearance in court.

“I have spent the hours that followed his landing on the phone with the (Bureau of Prisons) at both New York MCC and Brooklyn MDC trying to locate my client, but no one would provide that information to me, even recognizing I am his attorney,” Anton wrote to the presiding judges Anne Donnelly and Steven Tiscione.


The New York Daily News states the appearance could be delayed until Anton has time to speak with Kelly.

Anton stated he was directed to a listing that said R. Kelly was still in Chicago and he wishes that he can have time prior to entering court. The Bureau of Prisons website now lists R. Kelly in Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center.

The attorney for Kells has also gone on to call the alleged victims in the case to be suffering from “groupie remorse” despite the fact they were still minors.