Somewhere 8Ball & MJG, Yo Gotti and Three 6 Mafia are shaking their heads. Young Dolph, Gotti’s same city enemy, hit Everyday Struggle and while he big upped Memphis Hip-Hop he let out a debatable statement that he is the reason the city has a scene.

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“You know why Memphis the shit? Keep it 100 with you . . . All this shit started from Dolph. Everybody, all this shit started from Dolph,” he said. “Everything that comes out. When did all these Memphis artists get hot when there’s so many Memphis artists? I did that, single-handedly.”

Dolph would also say he “put the light on Memphis” and “Memphis wasn’t hot before Dolph came out.”


Now fans would point to the history of Memphis and say Three 6 Mafia and 8Ball & MJG originally put on the city and opened an opportunity for artists like Dolph in the area. Recent fans will also point to Yo Gotti for his continues stream of htis for over a decade, but maybe Dolph is referencing being the current hot guy. Does he have a point?

You can check out the full interview below, which also features Key Glock and discussion about their new album, below.