One of the hottest young artists on the music scene today, Brittany Glodean (aka “B-Glo”) hails from a very musical family. The granddaughter of legendary artist, Barry White, Brittany is named after her grandmother, Glodean White, the lead singer of Love Unlimited. Witness to their hard work and dedication from a young age, Brittany has developed into a dancing and singing dynamo in her own right.

Brittany has been in the entertainment industry since she was a child. In addition to singing, Brittany is a successful dancer and professional model. She took her first dance class when she was just 2 years old. Years later, Brittany went on to perform with several Los Angeles dance companies, including The Performing Arts Center, and L.Y.T.E. Dance Studio, where she captained the award winning hip hop dance crew.

As an established model, Brittany has appeared in print work for Mattel, Disney, Gap, Robinson’s May, K-Mart and others. She also starred in commercials for GM GoodWrench and ShoeDazzle.

Brittany’s new single, a soulful R&B ballad called “Be Patient” was recorded in Hollywood, CA and produced by singer/songwriter, Chuckii Booker. She sings about how people rush into relationships and rush into love. B-Glo asserts that good things come to those who take their time and wait, so take your time when it comes to love. Like many fine songwriters, Brittany pulls inspiration from her personal experiences – anything that she has gone through personally could serve as inspiration for her songwriting.

On June 20th, B-Glo performed in Beverly Hills at the Launch Party for her new single. Her dance background is a real asset when getting onstage. “Being onstage for dance has really helped me become comfortable onstage as an artist. It really allowed me to get the experience that I needed, and learn stage etiquette in a way that maybe I wouldn’t have learned if I never did dance,” said Brittany. “It helps me be able to put on a nice performance where there’s a lot to look at, and a big production.”

Brittany also delivers a passionate and energetic performance in the music video for “Be Patient,” which was launched simultaneously with the single. No stranger to music video productions, Brittany was featured in numerous music videos including Ice Cube’s, “That New Funkadelic,” Tyga’s “Swamp” and Keke Palmer’s “Got Me F’d Up.” Her modeling experience also makes her very comfortable in front of a camera.

The video was shot in Newport Beach and a studio in North Hollywood. Brittany and Director Phred Mosbey came up with the video concept, showing a love story that relates to the song. It’s also important for Brittany to incorporate dance into everything that she does, so working with choreographer Janelle Ginestra really brought the video to life. The two day video shoot was smooth sailing, except for the tide! They were able to walk out to a chair which sits out in the ocean for a cool drone shot at low tide. But by the time they were done filming, the tide had come in and they were forced to fight their way back to shore by swimming through the surf!