Many of us are faced with the uncertainty of not knowing where we are headed and then trying to understand why things happen around us. While most of us are just trying to do better, the rising tensions in our lives and our communities increase our insecurities. Often, we don’t know where to turn and Troy Remedy illustrates this brilliantly in his dope new single, “Which Way to Go.”

Troy Remedy is a pensive and genuine hip hop artist who maintains a positive outlook despite his personal challenges. Delivering his message from the heart, Troy’s poignant verses are relatable to anyone dealing with hurdles that we all struggle with at life’s crossroads.

Mostly recorded in Dallas with edgy guitar riffs added in Austin, the new single speaks to the way the artist himself is living right now. It is a song about life’s decisions and the crossroads encountered along the way. It’s about knowing that those decisions might dictate the rest of your future and the importance of choosing wisely.

For Troy, music has always been a comfort, helping to take away everything he has to deal with in real life. “Music has kept me alive this whole time. I wouldn’t be here without it, “Troy explained. He is passionate about his craft and he can’t listen to music without wanting to create it.

For inspiration, Troy listens to everybody across the spectrum, from BB King to Carol King, Stevie Ray Vaughan to Stevie Wonder. Troy is interested in any artist who puts passion and uniqueness into their tracks. To improve his own craft, Troy studies song elements by artists such as TuPac and Pink Floyd to understand what they did, how they did it, and what works.

The music video for “Which Way to Go” was also filmed in Dallas and Austin, and features Troy roaming the streets and alleyways, trying to figure out which way to go. He wanted to portray the feeling of desperation that permeates Austin, a city with a large homeless population. Troy felt it was important to give that side a voice and to illustrate that “at any given moment, most of us are living check to check, and we could be right next to them, given the circumstances.”

Troy throws down thought provoking lyrical rhymes to spread awareness about rising tensions and violence in Dallas and around the country. By sharing mutual insecurities and giving listeners some peace of mind, Troy hopes that he may influence others to change a little in their way of thinking.

Troy’s life is seriously chaotic at the moment but still has the ability to push forward. He is working on releasing another single and looks forward to finishing his album, “My Worst Enemy.”