The nation has been on a bit of a standstill today following the latest in what now makes three acts of terrorism, each carried out by gunmen that reportedly identify and/or identified as white supremacists.

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The attack in Dayton, Ohio today (August 4), where nine people were killed at the local bar Ned Peppers, makes the third attack in a week — at least 20 were killed in El Paso, Texas at a Walmart less than 24 hours prior on Saturday (August 3), and the Garlic Festival shooting (July 28) which occurred just one week ago from today’s insane terrorist attack. Surprisingly, a few people aren’t quick to call it just that, or even acknowledge it as “terrorism” altogether — surprisingly not, it’s President Donald Tump in this case.

Thankfully we have strong voices like Rihanna to step in and speak for the masses who think otherwise.


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Um… Donald, you spelt “terrorism” wrong! Your country had 2 terrorist attacks back to back hours apart leaving almost 30 innocent people dead. This, just days after yet another terrorist attack in California, where a terrorist was able to LEGALLY purchase an assault rifle (AK-47) in Vegas, then drive hours to a food festival in Cali leaving 6 more people dead including a young infant baby boy! Imagine a world where it’s easier to get an AK-47 than a VISA! Imagine a world where they build a wall to keep terrorists IN AMERICA!!! My prayers and deepest condolences to the families and loved ones of all the victims from Texas, California, and Ohio! I’m so sorry for your loss! Nobody deserves to die like this! NOBODY!

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Even in the midst of promoting her new Savage x FENTY August 2019 lingerie collection, the pop queen made time to give Agent Orange a quick lesson in calling a spade a spade. She sounded off on her Instagram (seen above), stating, “Um… Donald, you spelt “terrorism” wrong! Your country had 2 terrorist attacks back to back hours apart leaving almost 30 innocent people dead,” following the tragic incident in Dayton today. She went on to identify just how getting a gun, her example being an AK-47 assault rifle, is so easy in Trump’s America while obtaining a VISA just to be recognized as an American citizen can take you anywhere from two weeks to two months, according to Huff Post.

While Trump’s comments following this time of nationwide grief aren’t at all negative, it’s his way of giving the shooters a “slap on a wrist” for something that feels far more serious. Simply put, we would hope that a man killing 20 civilians, six of those being Mexican nationals as reported by CNN, wouldn’t just be rounded up simply as a ‘coward.’ Trump’s actual word, “cowardice,” is really just defined as the lack of bravery. Neither of these recent killings involve a “lack of bravery,” Mr. Trump — these are people using “unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.” It’s terrorism.

Politics aside though, we can all agree with her ending note: “Nobody deserves to die like this!” Respect, Rih.