Joe Budden has never been the person to hold his tongue on anything. While fans tune into his podcast to hear him break down the latest things in pop culture, occasionally he gets serious. In his latest episode, culminating almost two hours of new music talk, he gets political.

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On 268 episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, he checks Bill de Blasio for not commenting on Eric Garner’s murder during the debate.

How it all unfolded…


Budden and his co-hosts, Mal, Rory, and Parks, weigh in on the Bolton Jean murder, who listened to their podcast.

As the story goes, a white female police officer in Texas accidentally killing a Black man in his home. She thought she was in her own home, which in her mind justified her shooting the unarmed Jean. Rumors have swirled that the two had been romantic. Budden was visibly disturbed at the media’s attempt to whitewash this case by making over the white female officer, making her look more innocent- and more likely to get off.  This was a transitional story edging into the Eric Garner story, and him blasting New York City mayor, Bill de Blasio.

Joe Budden says:

“I hope they keep Amber Guyger’s ass right there and give her ass exactly what she deserves. Unlike what they’ve done with the gentleman who murdered Eric Garner right in front of our faces. Took a few years, but they suspended him.”

“Bill de Blasio is running for president and they were protesting outside of the democratic debates. So now he wants to do something about it,” Parks chimes in.

Rory added, “They asked him at the debates.”

Joe shrugs:

“And he didn’t answer. He did not answer. I want to point that out. He danced. It seems like his whole objective was just to attack Biden. Like how we jumped from murder to the democratic debate… but it certainly ties in.”

Rory continues, “They had it on the news he is getting suspended and the judge wants him to get terminated. Like that’s some kind of victory. He should be arrested, not terminated from his job. He murdered someone on camera.”

Parks: “And just because he wants to run for president, he wants to do something about it.”

Joe offers:

“Maybe the first step in them doing something  to homeboy who murdered Mr. Garner, is to get him away from the police force, so he can no longer be protected by that code of blue. And then they file charges… I don’t know. All of it is disturbing. Justice for Eric Garner. Justice for Bolton Jean. Justice for any Black man murdered in America minding his business.”

Closing out the segment they even offered that despite what people say about Garner being murdered for selling loose cigarettes, he was actually breaking up a fight.

Joe states:

“He was breaking up a fight and they got him because they were familiar with him selling the cigarettes. So you can be policing your own neighborhood, trying to keep the streets safe and get murdered. Just to be clear.”

Clearly, we know who Joe will not be voting for, and what issues are important to him.