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Not to be outdone by their own previous Closure event, which attempted to settle many long-running battle rap beefs that had been brewing over the last decade, Rare Breed Entertainment returns to Atlanta to settle one of the most high-profile lingering issues in battle rap history. Who can forget Serius Jones and Math Hoffa and their beed from back in the day? RBE snuck up on the world by setting up an opportunity for the two emcees to face-off again.

Jones and Hoffa initially battled back in September 2013 on SMACK/URLTV’s Summer Madness 3 card, which infamously ended in Hoffa landing a massive pre-emptive right hook to the unaware Serius before a scuffle ensured and the battle was cut short.


Brooklyn’s Math Hoffa, while gifted as an emcee, has made a name for himself with his hands. In terms of violent altercations (that happen to happen during battles), many believed him to be a hazard for busy. Others… were just afraid of this Brooklyn bomber. Think about how he punched Philly’s Dose back in the SMACK DVD era, before having a rematch against him years later.  Then think about what is now known as “The Serius Jones Punch” that led to Math not being able to perform on the URLTV stage for almost the three years until be teamed up with Cortez to perform in one of their Double Impact cards.

Hoffa found himself back in controversy when Dizaster swung on him at the end of their battle on King of the Dot in June 2014 out in LA. This was the root of his “beef” with Charlie Clips and Holla Da Don that has fueled RBE’s last few cards.

These violent incidences have often unfairly overshadowed the talented battle rapper and artist that Math Hoffa is and they have also downplayed how dope Serius Jones is, making him the dope of many jokes.

New Jersey legend Serius Jones has had a long and illustrious career since defeating Ruff Ryders’ Jin to become MTV’s all-time Fight Klub champion after a dozen consecutive wins in 2006. Jones has battled the likes of Murda Mook, Charlie Clips, DNA, Pat Stay, Arsonal, and Dizaster, along with releasing music with the likes of 2 Chainz, Gucci Mane, Jay Rock, T-Pain, Mistah F.A.B and Too Short cementing his place as a legend in the culture. His recent battle Mike P was not a good showing but we believe he will step up to the plate, making this particular battle a classic.

Check out The Breakfast Club’s Charlamagne weighing in on the punch that started this all.

Serius Jones vs. Math Hoffa goes down on Saturday 31st August on RBE hosted by A.R.P. in Atlanta.

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