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How iconic were The Source Awards from yesteryear? And while plans to bring the epic show return to the main stage of the culture are underway, The Source Magazine and North Star Charities are proud to announce another awards celebration that will surely spark attention from those who understand and truly love this culture and community.

The inaugural SOURCE360 Icon Awards Dinner will take place on Friday, August 16th at Red Rooster’s Ginny’s Supper Club at 7pm.  An icon is a symbol and legacy of excellence. The honorees are The Founding Father of Hip-Hop, DJ Kool Herc, The god-emcee Rakim, one of the most prolific archivist of Hip-Hop culture and Zulu Nation minister, Ernie Paniccioli and one of the architects of Hip-Hop fashion and star of the The Remix: Hip-Hop x Fashion documentary, Misa Hylton.


Why are these four tapped to be the very first icons honored?

“It is important that each culture preserves its legacy and recognizes its own. We chose these particular icons because they represent 4 of the foundational pillars of Hip-Hop culture.” L. Londell McMillan offered.  “They are ours and it is time that we take a pause to salute those who have given their heart, soul and talents for Hip-Hop to become the number one cultural force in the world that it has become.”

In African culture, the drum represents the heart of the village. For those in the modern diaspora, the DJ has taken the drum’s place. Few would deny that DJ Kool Herc and what he did on August 11, 1973 did not constitute the first heart beat of the culture that we love so dearly. He is just that important and deserving of this honor.

Likewise, Rakim shifted the intricacy of lyricism once he and his partner Eric B linked with Marley Marl to produce their classic first single, “Eric B for President.” Nas, arguably the number one lyricist of all times, says that Rakim directly influenced his style. We honor him because his music transcends time and generation, still pushing rappers to sit back and think about their master plan.

The team selected Misa Hylton because her stamp on Hip-Hop fashion and history is undeniable. From Biggie to Mary J. Blige, Teyana Taylor to King Comb, Queen Latifah, Lil’ Kim, 50 Cent, Remy Ma, Fat Joe, Lala Anthony and the list goes on. While one just know her in Hip-Hop, her brand and work is also high in luxury with a splash of double dutch. She takes from from Rodeo to Fulton, and still keeps it fly. We recognize her because she continues to create images for the top artists that we care about- she and reaches back to inspire and teach others to do the same.

We also want to celebrate Ernie Paniccioli because he has documented most the highlights listed above and more with his impeccable lens. More than almost anyone, Ernie has had an upfront seat to rap music, the culture and all the tangents related to its prosperity.  We are giving him an award because it is well deserved and overdue.

Please join us on Friday, August 16th at 7pm at the Friday, August 16th at the Ginny’s Supper Club (310 Lenox Ave.) in Harlem, NY.  North Star Charities, The Source, Red Rooster and Jack Daniels will sponsor this premium activation within The SOURCE360 Conference and Festival. Click here for tickets.

The SOURCE360 ICON AWARDS Dinner is one of the outstanding programs developed out of the new partnership between SOURCE360 and Harlem Week.  

SOURCE360 is a cultural and community celebration embodying the entire 360-degree spectrum of art, music, film & television, fashion, dance, sports, and technology inspired by Hip-Hop culture and music. More than a festival and a hub of creative performances, SOURCE360 celebrates innovation, education, and thought leadership with inspiring panels such as our Speaker Series panels. Harlem Week is known as “The World’s Longest Week” and will last from Sun., July 29th thru Sat., August 31st encompassing over 110 events. From its inception as HARLEM DAY in 1974, the event has always been about showcasing and saluting the best of Harlem. In observance of HARLEM WEEK’s 45th anniversary, the Board of HARLEM WEEK selected 45 extraordinary icons whose local history has had a global impact, while remaining true to its village roots.

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