As any 90’s kid will tell you, the last decade of the 20th century had some of the most iconic cultural moments in recent history. From the making of hip hop legends to the birth of the Internet, the 1990s was lit. For 90’s kids, Nickelodeon will always have a place in our collective hearts- especially on Saturday nights, when Keenan, Kel, and crew rolled out a new episode of All That.

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Now Good Burger, one of All That‘s most memorable sketches, has come to life in the form of a Good Burger pop-up restaurant. The restaurant, which opened July 10 on Santa Monica Boulevard, is described as an almost exact replicate of the original set- but with a few added bonuses.

According to Thrillist, while the restaurant itself features numerous “Instagram worthy” photo opportunities, the menu features delicacies such as Good Burgers, Good Chunks, a Good Wich, Good Fries, Good Rings, Good Pickles, Good Salads, Good Shakes, Good Pies, and Good Cookies — plus several boozy riffs on Keenan and Kel’s beloved beverage: orange soda. (After all, 90’s kids are well over the legal drinking age.)


Noting that the pop up had the full blessing and support of Nickelodeon, Derek Berry, one half of the pop-up’s team, said in a press release: “The opportunity to turn this cult Nick favorite into our next themed pop up is such a dream come true. Immersive nostalgic experiences continue to be something fans really clamor for; and we know our execution with The Max spoke for itself. When the timing aligned to bring Good Burger to life, it was something we just couldn’t pass up.”

The restaurant has been met with largely positive reviews from fans and food critics alike.

We can only hope that visitors will be greeted by the famous “Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, can I take your order?”

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