In a weird turn of events, Chance the Rapper’s debut studio album The Big Day isn’t quite getting the warm embrace that he or much of the general public would have anticipated. In addition to not topping the Billboard 200 chart in its first week as many predicted — reaching No. 2 with 108,000 equivalent album sales isn’t bad at all, though — the actual reaction from critics and fans alike has been, well, tepid to say the least.

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The mixed feelings towards his new LP haven’t gone unnoticed by the GRAMMY-winning Chicago MC, and he’s responding to the backlash directly to his fans on Twitter.


The first tweet is rather triggering, especially using language such as “people want me to kill myself.” However, he goes on to assure us that he’s in no way suicidal.

Instead, his thoughts are more geared toward a feeling that people want him to feel “ashamed” for either not meeting expectations, not delivering a sound (or maybe too similar) in comparison to his previous mixtapes like 10 Day, Acid Rap or the award-winning Coloring Book.

It’s not hard to understand that an artist, particularly a musician, can be in the eloquent words of Erykah Badu, “sensitive about their shit.” So may be the case for Chano when it comes to The Big Day.

Thankfully he’s not letting the burden of critique get the best of him. Instead, he’s using the time to be with family and hopefully focus on the positive side of dropping new music and setting up a successful supporting tour.

In the age of social media, sometimes a good Twitter rant is needed to get it all out; being a top-selling rapper that’s used to being universally loved and now experiencing a bit of negative feedback doesn’t make you immune from the emo vibes, unfortunately. We feel you, Chance.

Overall, this experience of not being “the favorite” at the moment has helped him understand what truly matters:

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