When it comes to rapping, singing and just being iconic, Lauryn Hill stands heads and shoulders above most. While only delivering a small body of original work throughout her career, she proves the old saying, “Quality is always better than quantity.” From her unique vocal styling, she has birthed a generation of singers and emcees (both male and female).

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One of her spirit daughters is the gifted, Gabby Wilson aka H.E.R.

Just listen to any of her projects, and that sentiment echoes true. There is a spirit of L Boogie threaded all the way through each track. The Grammy award-winning H.E.R. is talented in her own right. One of the top voices in her generation, she brings heart to each note and bends them with passion.


Now the world will be blessed by a performance with both queens.

Lauryn announced a performance with H.E.R. live in Los Angeles, CA on October 16th at the Hollywood Bowl.

This is going to be some type of awesome.

Check out some of the Lauryn that we love… Here is her performance at The Source Awards in 1999.