Today marks the third year anniversary of the mysterious death of Honduras herbalist, Alfred Bowman BKA —Dr. Sebi. After healing countless people from incurable infection diseases and teaching a nation about health and food origin Dr. Sebi passed away August 6, 2016 from pneumonia in a prison in Honduras. The healer was arrested at Juan Manuel Gálvez International Airport in Honduras on May 28, 2016 for carrying $37,000 in cash where he was held until his untimely death.

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Dr.Sebi believed that food should be used as fuel and in order to kill disease you need to remove all mucus forming and human-made foods from your diet. As we remember Dr. Sebi and the gift he shared with the world, we decided to share his Nutritional Guide detailing the ONLY foods that should be consumed to avoid cancers, mucus and incurable diseases.

Check out Dr. Sebi’s recommended nutritional guide below.

While the list may seem daunting and strict at first, there are countless alkaline recipes and books online including Lisa Buford’s The Good Vibrations Book Vol.1 and Vol.2 showcasing delicious quick and easy recipes.
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Mushroom quinoa burger
Alkaline Chickpea fritters

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