We’re covering all the bases for our upcoming 6th annual SOURCE360 Festival, and we made sure to give all the aspiring actors, actresses & filmmakers out there a special treat in the form of our “Lights, Camera, Action!” Panel.

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Going down next Thursday, August 15, at the Brooklyn Borough Hall (209 Joralemon Street), the discussion will focus on all things cinema and the various opportunities available within the film and television industry. In order to do so the right way, we put together a panel of experts in the game (moderated by the beautiful Africa Miranda!) including Power actor Joseph Sikora, Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Turk Barrett — err, we mean Rob Morgan! — Netflix’s See You Yesterday director Stefon Bristol and our sole female panelist, actress Antonique Smith.

Because we just love paying homage to our HERSource ladies, our team came together to highlight five of Antonique Smith’s greatest acting roles where she showed strength, emotion and all-around fierceness. Keep scrolling for a glimpse at her amazing talent:


5. Yelling To The Sky (2011)

Character: Ola O’Hara

A story of family dysfunction that unfortunately too many people can relate to, Yelling To The Sky shows Smith embracing the role of big sister to Zoë Kravitz’s character. Watch the clip below to see just how deep she gets in this emotional drama flick.

4. Stock Option (2015)

Character: Alina

This time around, Antonique steps into the starring role for this campy-yet-sweet TV movie. Romantic comedies definitely fit her warm personality to a tee.

3. Deuces (2017)

Character: Tanya

Diving into the crime flick arena, Smith holds up pretty well alongside veterans like Larenz Tate, Meagan Good and Lance Gross amongst others. Also, any woman that starts the night off with a “Sex on the Beach” is A-OK in our book for sure!

I've never been a wild one, but my character Tanya kinda is! ? WATCH Deuces The Movie on Netflix now!!! ? With my fam Larenz Tate, Meagan Good, Lance Gross, Rotimi, Rick Gonzalez, La La Anthony, & Siya!! ??#DeucesTheMovie

Posted by Antonique Smith on Sunday, April 9, 2017

2. Marvel’s Luke Cage (2018)

Character: Detective Nandi Tyler

You know you’re in the big leagues when you enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Even though she plays a goodie-turned-baddie, at least Antonique makes it look damn good to take a punch to the ground. Ouch!

1. Notorious (2009)

Character: Faith Evans

The role that started everything for her career. We will probably always associate Antonique Smith with her role as Faith Evans in The Notorious B.I.G.’s 2009 biopic Notorious, but that’s simply because she fit the part perfectly. We couldn’t see anyone else “keeping the faith” quite like her.

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