As Hip-Hop gets older and more mature, it seems like parents are getting younger and more cool. Check out these amazing fathers that use Hip-Hop methodologies to raise their children in the culture that helped raise them. Yup… We celebrate Hip-Hop dads all year round (not just in June)!

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Check out Richard Figueroa from Brooklyn, NY take it to his son when he sees him slipping in his grades. A former battle rapper, that goes by the name Spek Arson, he uses Lil Baby as a point of entry to connect with his son, Jayden. Reminds us of another battle rapper with a son named Jaden that used rap to connect (yes… Will Smith used to battle).


Another dad that has been going viral is Chico Conaway. He and his daughter have been cracking the world up on Instagram, as he mixes his frat life with his sports life, and dousing it all with his love rap music. Check them out he encourages #BlackGirlMagic all over The Web. #1906 #AlphaPhiAlpha


Who could forget Geoff Streat and his brilliant son, Jack, who was featured on during Black History month? This youngster not only reads better than many of these college kids we know, but has the super fly swag of his dad.  But swag is not just hereditary… it is learned behavior. Check out these random parenting lessons, Poppa Streat passes down to his pup. #OmegaPsiPhi

Some of the lessons that young Jack will surely appreciate as a he gets older are:

  • Never shake a man’s hand sitting down…
  • The man at the BBQ Grill is the closest thing to a king…
  • Be like a duck… Remain calm on the surface and paddle like crazy underneath…
  • Never be afraid to ask out the best looking girl in the room….I said NEVER!

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What about MADCUNE and his son, as they battled in the parking lot after a family dinner. The youngun thought he was gonna through shots at the old head… and got blasted. #OmegaPsiPhi

While we love these dads, we continue to believe that our favorite Hip-Hop dads are out here creating history through music- reminding us that parenting does not happen over night.

Xzibit’s “Foundation” almost brings one to tears.

This little gem, “All For You” from Little Brother reminds us why we go so hard.

In this song, “Retrospect For Life,” Common with the help of Lauryn Hill talks about how difficult it is to face becoming a father, when you feel like you are not ready… but you have to get ready.

Blu & Exile will make you smile with how honest he is in “Show Me The Good Life.”

JAY-Z performs “Glory” for written and delivered expressly for his first daughter… and low and behold… this became a hit.

This oldie but goodie, “Be A Father To Your Child” by Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs checks brothers who feel like the don’t have to step up and parent there children.

“Daughters” is probably one of the most real songs for a rapper turned dad to have to pen. It one makes you reflect on your life as a man with other men’s daughters, and now lessons to pass on to your daughter about things other men may think about with her…

Lastly, but not the end of our salute to dope Hip-Hop dad’s is Will Smith and his tribute to his son, Trey. “Just the Two Of Us” told us early on that he would be a great dad.