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Everyone is all abuzz for the battle of the decade, Summer Impact. And usually the pre-game attractions are the face-offs. But this time… the pre-game is a game, a celebrity basketball game if you will.

On Friday, August 9th, Summer Impact Weekend presents Battle Rap All-Star Game. The teams are divided into two signature SMACK/URL events. One team, lead by Wild N’ Out super-star Hitman Holla is called “Summer Madness.” The other team lead by NWX founding member, K-Shine, and called “NOME.”

Scheduled to be on the Summer Madness team are the following top tier battle rappers: Tsu Surf, Chef Trez, Loso, Calicoe, Goodz, Charlie Clips, Nu Jerzey Twork, Aye Verb, Jaz, Ave, Brizz Rawsteen and Jai 400 Block.


Slated to be on NOME are Shotgun Suge, Loaded Lux, Tay Roc, Murda Mook, John John Da Don, Arsonal, DNA, ShowwOutt, E-Hart, Cortez and Burke Bucks.

This will be an interesting contest as both teams have notable athletes. Multiple Remix partners, Hitman Holla and John John Da Don have both had hoop dreams… that had some fuel behind them. Though they are not on the same team in this bout, it will be interesting to see how partners square up as opposition. Will it be a flashback to their classic Summer Madness 2 battle? Or will they be joe friendly… like we’ve seen them make nice over the last few months?

Will Shotgun Suge really embody Shaquille O’Neal, really slamming on his opponents or will Jaz take the MVP just because… well… she is Jaz.

Either way, we are sure folk will turn up. Speaking of turning up, my bet is on K-Shine’s team. Just seem like the will be hurkin’ and lurkin on the competition.

Speaking of hurkin’ and lurkin….

The Battle Rap All-Star Game will take place, August 9th at 6pm at Carole Hoefner Center aka “Curry Court” in Charlotte, NC.