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Shawn Cotton​ has already become a household name with his viral media company, SayCheeseTV. The blogger, entrepreneur, and influencer is dedicated to opening doors in the entertainment industry, by helping music artists, from all over the world, gain exposure. Born and raised in East Arlington, Texas, Shawn developed an interest in entrepreneurship at a young age by selling candy. His entrepreneurial spirit continued into adulthood, and led him to create SayCheeseTV LLC, which began as a blog site aimed to shed light on talented, undiscovered rappers.

SayCheeseTV gained popularity on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and has become the go-to source for news and rising talent in the Hip-Hop community. As a result of his success and strategies for creating and sharing viral content, Shawn has secured deals with well-known record labels, helping to shed light on talent in low-income neighborhoods. The SayCheeseTV platform has benefited artists like ​Splurge​, ​Tay K​, ​Quando Rondo​, ​YK Osiris​, ​Glokknine​, ​Rod Wave​, ​YNB Nahmar​ and many others. Drake even mentioned discovering Charlotte rapper ‘DaBaby’ on SayCheeseTV.


Shawn Cotton has demonstrated a strong passion for promoting undiscovered music artists, particularly from disadvantaged communities. His efforts include investing in talent and helping artists get recognized by successful record labels.

As a result of his efforts, Cotton has become an inspiration to his followers and is quickly becoming a staple in Hip-Hop.

Shawn currently works in real estate (Sir Cotton Properties​), now owning 11 housing properties across the nation. He plans to purchase apartment complexes with his team in the near future.

Follow Shawn Cotton on Instagram & Twitter at @ShawnCotton & his major media network @saycheesedigital !