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The Proceedings of the National Academies of Sciences have discovered through their research, that over a Black man’s lifetime, he is more at risk than any other man of another race man of being killed by engagement of a police officer.  The rate is alarming. PNAS statistics state that one out of 1,000 Black men are at risk, and that is way higher than stats around white men.

It gets real… and is scary.

When Black boys are factored in, according to the study, “Black men and boys face the highest risk of being killed by police–at a rate of 96 out of 100,000 deaths. By comparison, white men and boys face a lower rate of 39 per 100,000 deaths, despite being a bigger portion of the U.S. population. Overall, men faced a rate of 52 per 100,000 deaths.”

There are more studies that support this: National Vital Statistics System , the Pew Research Center, and the Fatal Encounters database also support this notion.