As New York is known to be the capital of Hip Hop, where several creatives are captivated by music. Representing Brooklyn, Vinnies PM has been making his distinctive mark. He recently shared his first project “Beyond The Strobes” that set the high bar for what we should expect. With his soulful vibe and substantial motivating lyrics this Brooklyn native easily captures your attention. He briefly discussed his creative process and inspiration behind this project.

The title “Beyond The Strobes” to me always meant that this world is bigger than the idea of fame and fortune. Sure that’s what we all want but lets also cater to the bigger aspects of life besides those things such as family, friends and maintaining a healthy life physically, emotionally and mentally. I was inspired by my hood East Flatbush and Canarsie heavy. The mentalities that people possessed on both the good end and the bad end influenced me to make this project and It’ll always be the embodiment of every single piece I bring into the universe. My creative process is a very long process because I’m not a SUPER fast writer. Most people can create a whole song in seconds and that’s an amazing gift but me I love to take my time. I see every line or every bar as something you have to feel or just experience. So every line I want the listener to feel like they was there and I want them to know that we both are the same no matter our positions in life. I also tend to always listen to music completely outside of the hip hop realm. It allows me to listen to a whole different world giving me a lot more stuff to speak on because problems comes in all different shapes & sizes.”

Vinnies PM is known to provide music that his listeners can relate to and feel from within. His motivational and truthful lyrics design a rare vibe that you can feel through his songs. he effortlessly creates timeless music that is beyond captivating. As he continues to evolve as an rising artist, this is just the beginning.

Listen to the entire project below!