We hope you all have been enjoying the SOURCE360 Festival so far, and the fun will continue this weekend with our annual Block Party. This year we’re setting up shop on the newly-renamed Christopher Wallace Way in Bedstuy, and we’ll be honoring Biggie’s legacy with many activations, a fashion show and few live performances that you won’t want to miss.

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Last weekend while rolling through Outside Lands Festival for Wyclef Jean’s set at House by Heineken, we got a chance to ask the Fugees legend about any memories he might have of the notorious ’90s rap icon.

Take a look below at the Biggie memory that Wyclef Jean shared exclusively with The Source:


“I have so many Biggie memories. When he was ‘big,’ the Fugees were down ‘here’ — Editor’s Note: Wyclef speaks with his hands to show the tier level of success between the two now-iconic ’90s music acts — and we opened up for Biggie like three or four times. I remember coming from Jersey and going to Long Island where he was playing. We get there, and I remember Biggie coming to the dressing room because — ok, there was a myth about the Fugees: don’t play with the Fugees because, if they go before you, nine times out of 10 we’ll murder it [Laughs]! What I would always do with the performer that I’m playing before is do 20 seconds of their songs.

So yeah, we did a show with Biggie and Puff [Daddy], and I remember — Puffy knows this story, too! [Laughs] — they were amazed because they has never saw anything like that. Biggie comes in the dressing room and was like — Editor’s Note: it’s here where Wyclef uses in-person gestures yet again to describe the moment, hilariously mimicking BIG’s signature lisp — ‘Man, you motherfuckers go out there and y’all be bangin’ them symbols and shit! This shit is just not fair [Laughs]! Y’all motherfuckers are geniuses – I wish I could play the instruments!’

[The Notorious B.I.G.] has always possessed a cuddly, teddy bear-like personality. He was very funny up the gazoo, and most importantly very real. I always say him and Pac got caught up in the ring and became casualties of war. They were like GoodFellas.”

— Wyclef Jean

Head to Brooklyn this Saturday (August 17) to help us honor The Notorious B.I.G. at our SOURCE360 Block Party! Full details in the flyer below: