Last week, the NFL and JAY-Z announced a partnership that would put efforts toward the league’s entertainment performances and social justice efforts. The news split voices across the Internet to where some believe the deal is a sign of change and others are considering it as a capitalist mindset from Hov and a slight to the work of Colin Kaepernick. Freddie Gibbs hit Instagram and made sure that his support for Hov was known.

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“I’m riding with Jay-Z, straight up. Fuck Colin Kaepernick,” Gibbs said. “All y’all niggas marched for Colin Kaepernick and he took a settlement and aint tell y’all what he got or nothing. He settled. Let it go. Y’all hating on Jay-Z for tryna own something in the NFL. Y’all niggas some muthafuckin’ crabs.”

The settlement Gibbs is referencing occurred in February of 2019, however, very few details were revealed to the public. Since, Kaepernick has shown interest in wanting to return to the league as recently as last week, showcasing his ability to still get the job done in a video shared on Twitter.


Over the weekend, TMZ revealed JAY-Z is on his way to NFL ownership as well. Currently, there is no word on what team is the one that will have Hov in the ownership group.