Steph Curry loves himself some golf, and now he is spreading that love to Howard University.

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The Golden State Warriors star will launch a golf program at Howard during a press conference Monday, per Casey Bannon of The Golfer’s Journal.

It’s unclear how much Curry is investing to start the program, and details regarding Howard’s plans for where to host tournaments and matches are yet to be announced. Howard will be the 34th HBCU to have a golf team. There are currently 101 HBCUs in the United States.


Curry, recognized as one of the best basketball players in the world, started playing golf in high school. He has been competing in the NBC-owned American Century Championship celebrity golf tournament each summer and even launched a mini-golf TV show, “Holey Moley,” on ABC. Moreover, Curry has a golf-specific line with Under Armour, his official sports apparel partner.

Howard University claims that this is the first time that they will have a men’s golf program, though they have golf programs for men and women back in the 1950s.

The cost of a collegiate golf program, including both operating expenses and scholarships, can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. While declining to reveal the exact amount, Curry’s team said he will make a seven-figure donation paid out over the next six years, aimed at giving Howard time to raise an endowed fund that would make the program self-sustainable.

Curry could have launched this program anywhere, but it’s great to see he is doing it at an HBCU school like Howard.