Jay-Z’s new partnership with the NFL has left a bad taste in the mouth of Kenny Stills. The Dolphins wide receiver has unequivocally criticized the team owner, Stephen Ross, support of Donald Trump. You can now add the Roc Nation’s NFL partnership to his list.

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Head Coach Brian Flores is also the team’s resident DJ in practices and he opened up the practice playlist with eight straight Jay-Z songs. Was Flores channeling his inner Phil Jackson? Jackson was known for his mind tricks to motivate his players. If that’s the case, then it makes sense. When asked about it, Coach Flores did not have an explanation.

The best explanation anyone in the Dolphins camp could up with was that it was to prepare the wide receiver for crowd noise distractions. Besides that, it seems like it may have been a mere coincidence.


Kenny Stills posted a picture in response to Hov’s “I think we’ve moved past kneeling” statement at the press conference last week. Stills felt as if Jay-Z failed to acknowledge the work being done by himself and other active community leaders. The intimate details of the agreement have yet to be released. It is likely that information will remain undisclosed. Only time will unfold what the “actionable items” are of this partnership.

With Hov’s track record, it is safe to say that we can give him the benefit of the doubt. Therefore, Flores has Kenny Still best interest at heart. Either that or he could care less about the egos of his players.

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I’ll continue to take a knee to bring awareness to the issues of police brutality, systematic oppression and social injustice in our country — that is action. I’ll also continue the work I’ve been doing alongside the protest… Educating myself and others on social issues Being an advocate for mental wellness Mentoring youth and fostering positive action in our community Working with law enforcement to stress safety and accountability in our communities And ultimately, doing my best to use sports as a platform to bring people together. There is great opportunity for this deal to have an impact and that’s the goal. I will say that I don’t respect the way either party went about it. We can all work towards social justice without disparaging one another…let’s hope that Roc Nation recognizes this and shifts their stance on people using different methods to work towards what is hopefully a shared goal.

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