VladTV released the sixth part of their Nick Cannon interview and he was clearly holding on to this part of the conversation to stir up the pot.

Nick spoke about the Kamikaze rapper’s impact in Hip Hop and agreed with Conway’s comments about him not being the “hood favorite” because “there’s nobody in the hood riding around to an Eminem album. That’s just facts. I’m sure Eminem know that. He okay with that.”

“It’s capitalism at the end of the day,” Cannon said. “Hip hop music—the people who buy hip hop music are white people. Specifically, are white girls. If you look at the demographics, the way it all breaks down…well, music in general…even when you look at the streaming numbers, women, number one, are the biggest connoisseurs of music when it comes to consumption. And then when you break down demographically how it all works from the fanbases to the girls who buy tickets and screaming in the front rows. They create the stars.”

“Us as guys, we sit back and we respect cats,” he continued. “We respect Nas, we respect Hov, we respect [E-40] and [Ice] Cube. We can sit and talk about ’em, but we ain’t gon’ go out and fanboy for [them]…So when you get a blond-haired white boy that is actually dope, that’s like the second coming of Christ to the music industry, because you’re gonna get all of the credibility. You can’t deny that [Eminem’s] not dope. Get in front of anybody. Battle anybody. Then it’s like, oh sh*t, I can market and sell this motherf*cker like Pepsi? And he’s crazy and entertaining, too?”

Check out the interview in its entirety below: