Sprite is celebrating HIp-Hop tastemakers, including the recent launch of the Thirst For Yours brand platform, which came earlier this year.

Over the years, Sprite has embraced itself in the complete culture of Hip-Hop, such as the Now More Than Ever campaign with Kurtis Blow in 1986, marking one of the first mainstream campaigns to contain Hip-Hop. The efforts of Hip-Hop and Sprite also continued with the Obey Your Thirst campaigns which featured culture icons like A Tribe Called Quest, Missy Elliott, Rakim and Drake.

Now, Sprite is focusing on rising talent in the Thirst For Yours campaign, which allows for new talent to showcase their efforts in television ads and more. Included in Thirst For Yours are Atlanta rapper Kodie Shane and rising designer Seth Giscombe.

“Sprite has always been incredibly focused on putting our community at the forefront. ‘Obey Your Thirst’ launched in 1994, and is core to our brand DNA. At the time, hip-hop was very much in the background, and served as a rebellious force in music,” said Stefan Miller, Sprite’s Senior Brand Manager. “We looked at our audience and at what the genre was doing as a whole, and saw the importance of empowering our audience and giving them a voice. As we look towards the next 25 years, ‘Thirst For Yours’ is the next evolution of us championing our audience. ‘Thirst For Yours’ leverages what our audience is thirsting for, and gives them the tools to make their mark, showing them that they can make an impact.”

“For Sprite, it’s all about being a leader within our space. We’re not content to just rest on laurels, and we want to make sure we are consistently growing to achieve the ambition we have for the brand,” added Aaliyah Shafiq, Group Director, Sprite.

Adding fans into the fold of selecting the next generation of creators, Sprite has launched Sprite Way, a community-based platform and playlist that will bring artists through fan submissions. One of the talents to embrace the opportunity is Bino who received a performance slot at the BET Experience in Los Angeles.

“Being featured on Sprite Way means this was meant for me, is my purpose, and it’s my time. All my sacrifices and hard work are making my vision come to life. To me, it means someone is always watching keep your faith,” Bino said.

You can hear the new playlist from Sprite below.