For the past week when you scroll down your news feed you saw someone raving about the new chicken sandwich from Popeyes. People are going as far as saying it’s better than Chic-Fil-a.

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The launch of the product has ignited a social media war that is still going strong. People are creating memes comparing fast food restaurants and engaging in full-blown physical altercations at different locations.


The official Popeyes Twitter account has noted they haven’t done anything different in their marketing approach but Black Twitter was a huge force in the sandwiches success.

Apex Marketing Group reports the fast food chain pocketed an estimated $23.25 million in equivalent ad value in media mentions for “Popeyes Chicken Sandwich” across digital, print, social, TV, and radio in just 11 days.

The sandwich is sold out in different locations. A Dallas strip club, Aces of Dallas, offered free chicken sandwiches after people paid their way to the club.

The Black spending dollar and influence is so powerful. Imagine if we put this energy into Black-owned businesses.

Did you try the chicken sandwich yet? Do you think it lives up to the hype?