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There are many topics in society that comes with a stigma that needs to be altered, one of those is being an organ donor. 83 Futures, a rising brand, offers exclusive streetwear collaborations made with leading brands in the culture. The catch? You can only purchase the collabs if you’re a registered organ donor (and you can sign up to purchase, too).

 During ComplexCon in Chicago, 83 Futures secured a ton of new donor registrations in the span of 22 hours. That essentially turns into 15,853 people’s futures.

Donate Life estimates 95% of donor registrations occur at the DMV, however, traffic into the DMV is decreasing due to alternative options for transportation. Also proving to be a hindrance are the myths associated with organ donation ranging from being unable to donate due to previous illness and more.


The importance of organ donation was evident this year as Freeway was able to receive a kidney, he also serves as a partner for the brand.

Every ten minutes someone is added to the waiting list for an organ and there are currently 114,000 people on the transplant waiting list. Of that number, 20 people die each day because an organ that is needed is not provided in time. By giving eight lives are saved with organs, 75 lives are healed with tissues, a total of 83.

You can learn more about 83 Futures here.


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What an unbelievable debut we had at @complexcon as we launched 83 Futures with collabs that saves lives! So many people helped make those two days like something out of a dream. @jeffstaple and @staplepigeon believed in the cause before anyone else. Paul Rodriguez (@prod) and @primitiveapparel donated skate decks to raffle off. @nickydiamonds signed a pair of SBs for us to give away. @bobbyhundreds donated signed copies of his streetwear bible. @joefreshgoods took a break from being everywhere (#joeplexcon) to play our 8-foot-tall organ game. @bunb bought some shirts and registered to be an organ donor (!!!!!!) @bjthechicagokid came through for an important conversation about the myths and facts of organ donation. @earl_mack crushed it with his art for the organ game and his shirt. @lovecrew & @corkcicle teamed up for a hot, limited edition bag. @kerinrosegold & @amorirstudio lit up our display case with their embellished pill bottles. @naturel threw in one of the hottest shirts of the show. @nathan_kostechko created a beautiful and trippy long sleeve for the cause. @premiumpete came through. @hxltmusic showed some love for our transplant coolers, donated generously by @igloocoolers. And @Skullcandy spontaneously donated headphones to raffle off because they just appreciated what we were doing. And, of course @complex gave us tons of love. We cannot thank you all enough for your support, and most importantly, for helping us save some lives. This is just the start.

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