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Every year “The Business of Cannabis” is one of the most highly anticipated panels of the SOURCE360 Conference and Festival.  This year was no exception. We believe the anticipation was heightened by the outstanding cast of industry insiders that we booked for the panel.

The moderator for the panel was Leo Bridgewater, co-founder of Lead Launch Education. He was the perfect person to lead the discussion on the trickology that comes with the legalization of adult use cannabis in the New York Metro area. On the panel is the infamous cultural connoisseur, Branson, Dasheeda Dawson from The Weedhead, Vlad Baptiste from Happy Munkey and Landon Dais from Plush Green (formerly of MedMen).


The Business of Cannabis ??

— The Source Magazine (@TheSource) August 15, 2019

The panel was interesting as it hosted people from every part of the industry.  Branson and Vlad had the most interesting overlap, as both of them have had an invested interest in connect Hip-Hop and cannabis in various social spaces. Dasheeda is a scientist that advocates for legalization by asserting that the plant is not a drug, but medicine. Landon is an attorney, who has worked in the corporate space and has been an advocate for cannabis on capital hill.

The conversation was spirited but also invited people to participate in what is now called the “Green Rush.”

Check out some of the conversation: