One of the most successful components of the hit STARZ mega-drama series, Power, is its theme song, “Big Rich Town.” The original song is let by the 90s R&B crooner and songwriter, Joe. Iconic. The song was not only heard every Sunday during the last five seasons… but it was also a stable in club mixes.

Folk really rock with it.

So when millions of folk gathered in front of their boob tube (or whatever device that they watch their programming on) they were super shocked to see that the song had been replaced. Instead, the beloved theme song was swapped out to another song, led by Trey Songz.  Folk were mad.

Fif heard it and ventured out to IG to address it, noting that people have no bought a Joe cd in “years.”

Even Trey Songz took to social to comment on people not really rocking with the switch. He jumped in the comment section and stated that fans were out here hurting his feelings and that he may need to be compensated for this distress.


Well now, Joe has finally weighed in on the change. While traveling to Africa, he took time out to just acknowledge the love that folk have given him for his now classic theme song.

Do you think that 50 should switch it back?