Arguably the most prominent Black woman to ever join Saturday Night Live‘s cast is expected to leave the show before the 45th season. According to reports, Leslie Jones is stepping away from SNL to pursue other ventures.

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Jones grew to fame with through acting gigs and stand up comedy before eventually joining the cast at age 47. Since her debut in 2014 on SNL, Jones’ career has skyrocketed most famously starring in the 2016 remake of ‘Ghostbusters’ with an all-women cast alongside Melissa McCarthy, fellow SNL cast member Kate McKinnon and Kristen Wiig.

Jones’ 5 year run on the show including a recurring sketch between her and Kyle Massey in which the two were in a long term relationship that had plenty of ups and downs, and a flirtatious relationship with Head Writer Colin Jost on the segment Weekend Update.


Despite losing their most prominent black cast member, The Source reported that they’ll be getting their most famous one back in Eddie Murphy who is signed on to host the show in December.