According to TMZ, Shark Tank principal player Kevin O’Leary’s boat was a part of a horrible accident in a lake in Ontario, Canada that has left two people dead.

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Little is none about the case but here are some of the facts floating around:

  • The boat crashed into another larger boat on Lake Joseph late Saturday night (11:30 PM).
  • A male passenger suffered a head injury as a result of the collision that killed him instantly. His name was Gary Poltash and he was 64 years old.
  • A female passenger died on Tuesday and she was 48 years old. Her name was Susanne Brito.
  • There were other’s injured.
  • It is unclear if the larger boat was properly lit.
  • O’Leary’s wife was driving the vessel, and was administered a DUI test that night… She apparently passed it.

O’Leary and his lawyers are fully cooperating with the police. They also allegedly have a video to prove that the lights were off on the larger boat, making it impossible for the O’Leary vessel to see it approaching.


This case is developing.