The NBA season is a little over a month away but Boston Celtics player Gordon Hayward hit the court early with his wife, Robyn, to organize a clinic for 50 Boston-area girls. The day was apart of the NBA’s Her Time To Play initiative and was held at the Tobin Community Center in Roxbury, MA.

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Hayward taught the girls in attendance some hoops fundamentals, while also spoke to the elementary and middle school students about life on and off the court. Making it a family affair, Hayward’s daughters Bernie, 4, and Charlie, 3, were at the community center to participate.

“Charlie is for sure a little shy, but Bernie got right in the mix there,” Hayward said. “So it was fun to see her and the older girls, and I’m thankful that they were being so cool with her.”


Hayward was a member of the NBA and WNBA community to assist in the launch of Her Time To Play last October.

“We also didn’t just talk about basketball,” Hayward added. “Resilience, mindfulness, being OK to fail and get up and try again, social media things, everything going on in today’s world that kinda gets you down. Realizing it’s OK to be anxious and nervous and those are human emotions, but really just leaning on your support system and just being resilient, fighting through it, getting up and doing it again.”

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