The daughter of former President Barack Obama and First lady Michelle Obama, Sasha, is set to begin her college career at the University of Michigan.

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Sasha’s presence has already been felt in Ann Arbor, seen at both freshman orientation, along with being accompanied by men who were thought to be Secret Service agents on campus.

“I was walking by pushing a vacuum and she walked out right in front of me,” said Zach Lassen, a third-year student to The Detroit News. “I said, ‘Excuse me.’ It was a crowded hallway with her and some Secret Service dudes.”


Lassen also noted that he thought it was “pretty cool” to run into Sasha, while another student stated she views her as “a normal student to me.”

Classes for Sasha begin on Tuesday and she is the first member of the Obama family to attend a public Big Ten university opposed to an Ivy League institution.

Sasha’s older sister Malia is currently enrolled at Harvard University, entering in year three.

Rumors swirled that Sasha would be attending school at the University of Michigan after tagging the university in a picture of her and her friends on the campus. The caption read: “so proud to say I’m going to college with my sisters.”