Dallas Austin spills the tea on an old beef between Monica and Brandy.

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Yesterday, an interview released with the veteran producer and boy did he have a lot to say. Austin’s production and songwriting prowess span over three decades in music. One can only imagine what went on behind the scenes over his career.

During the interview, Dallas Austin gives insight into what he calls a “heavyweight” beef between Monica and Brandy. Both R&B singers won a Grammy Award for their Hot 100 chart-topping single “The Boy Is Mine” in 1999. Austin co-produced the song with Rodney Jerkins and Brandy. Although “The Boy Is Mine” was a huge success, Monica and Brandy despised being in each other’s presence. According to Austin, the ill-will between the two stemmed from Monica’s end.


“Monica was very ghetto when it came down to it,” said Austin. He goes on to say that Monica was at a point where she was discovering who she was.

“If you didn’t have gold teeth she didn’t like you,” Austin claims. “She was really hood in Atlanta.”

The Atlanta singer felt as if Brandy was too proper when it came to her demeanor. Austin says that was against the initial composition of the song. Therefore, he had to persuade her into doing so, due to his contractual obligations with Clive Davis. The songstresses recorded the song separately.

Prior to their first live performance of “The Boy Is Mine”, Monica punched Brandy in the face.

“Before they could even get to the stage, Monica decked her (Brandy) in the face,” Austin says as he demonstrates the blow. The song was about the two singers being at odds over a man. In Dallas Austin’s it worked out perfectly. Check out the interview below.