Power fans are keeping up with the final betrayal on this season. The series finale started off with a bang with episode one, but many fans weren’t pleased when they heard the popular theme song originally sung by R&B singer Joe, was swapped for a Trey Songz rendition.

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Fans began campaigning to bring back the original theme song on social media, and it looks like Fifty are hearing us out. “This next episode of POWER is my directorial debut 603 so I’m a put the theme song back alright ? we cool again or what?” The mogul wrote on Instagram with accompanied with a picture of him holding up his Branson cognac.


He doubled down on his promise with a second post re-announcing that the theme song will make its return for the third episode of the season. He also promised it’s going to be a “crazy” episode.”The original theme song will play this Sunday coming. Episode 603 I directed this episode I promise it’s crazy. POWER #1″

50 Cent didn’t specify whether or not the theme song will be making a return just for that episode or for good. But it will be a happy day once it’s back.