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Hefna380 is a versatile all around pop artist from New Jersey,at just nineteen years old he is rising up as one of the top artists from the great state of New Jersey, hefna portrays vibes you rarely see now a days, which is why he’s so Easy to separate from other artists.

 He started off a basketball player from the age of 8 when he moved to New Jersey, to the age of 18, a fatal injury caused him to rule out of the sport.He then went on to become a model then later on the career of Hefna380 started in the middle to late of 2019. Hefna makes music so versatile you wouldn’t be able to tell at times, which genre his music belongs in. Bouncy beats, high smooth melodies, hefna has no limits the same reason why he was so able to come so far so fast.

 Dropping five total songs in 2019, he has received excellent feedback from his fans. Just last year hefna probably wouldn’t have ever thought he would be a top artist on the rise, now that he’s here in this position he is taking full on advantage of it. Hit songs “I Gotta Go” , “Real Rockstar” and his recently released first ever EP, titled “We Can Finally Rage” all did numbers in his early career giving him the upmost confidence to keep dominating, the year 2020 is for hefna380, and it isn’t hard to see that he is next up.