Idris Elba is already the black Superman; soon we’ve got to start thinking about which actor will don the cape and cowl to play the black Batman. DC Comics plans to introduce the comic book world to a new Batman in 2020.

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According to Bleeding Cool’s Rich Johnston, the next Batman will be a different character rather than a revised Bruce Wayne, though it’s unclear whether they’ll be using someone already established within Gotham’s ranks. As of now, Johnston confirms that it will not be Duke Thomas, though he does hint that both Black Lightning and Batwing could be viable contenders. That is, should they opt against creating somebody new, which remains a strong possibility.


Right now, it remains unclear who’ll get the honor, but the outlet has said it’s not Duke Thomas AKA the Signal. Some speculation has been cast on Black Lightning because of his involvement with the Outsiders, though I think that wouldn’t be a good idea because the character currently headlines a TV series on The CW – as Black Lightning.

In a follow-up report, Bleeding Cool said it could very well wind up being Luke Fox, perhaps better known as Batwing. Being the son of Lucius Fox, this would make more sense. I’d rather see someone promoted from within the Bat-Family than DC developing a new character or passing the torch to a random hero from their pantheon.

Are you ready for a black Batman?