A balance of storytelling his own rise as an artist, while attempting to master the art of seduction through vulnerability, defines the narrative of Maxx Kenif’s newest release, H.O.C.A.S.

The Orange, NJ native narrates his humble beginnings as a trapper-rapper/singer, while simultaneously being a full-time college student. It is possible that Kenif is sharing his story with someone he cares for deeply and vice versa, or with a stranger he’s meeting for the first time at a social outing. The hook on “Happy Hour” makes a case for the latter, but the mystique leaves rooms for listeners to think both.

H.O.C.A.S. perfectly blends dark production that complements Maxx Kenif’s melodic vocals.

Maxx Kenif desires the finer things in life on “Dreams In V.I.P.” only to share it with that special person. Although he is open to sharing his world, Kenif remains transparent about his obligation to his art. With greatness comes extreme sacrifice, which is a price that Maxx Kenif is willing to pay.

Before vibes were a social media frentzy, Maxx Kenif curated vibes with his earlier work. As a sonic innovator, he began his musically journey in his Orange High School (NJ) band. He began to produce tracks for artists in the Tri-State area and became a founder of The Architects production team. Since 2018, Maxx Kenif has released 11 EP’s including his latest project, H.O.C.A.S.