Wack 100 took a page out of 50 Cent’s book and decided to handle his debt publicly on social media.

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He put Roc Nation on blast for doing bad business in a since-deleted post. “Don’t do NO up front business with @rocnation without getting a deposit,” he writes When WE do this shit we are Gangstas , Bullies and Thugs. When They do it it’s a Mistake !! #JayZ tell your team to send me my money. I’ve been told 3 different dates since the service was rendered ….. THE CONTRACT KEEPS EVERYBODY HONEST… #CROOKSWITHASMILE @rocnation.”

Wack 100 Settles Debt With Roc Nation After Blasting Them on Social Media, Asking JAY-Z to Intervene


There’s no telling what made Wack 100 start sounding off, but it looks like the label rectified the situation.

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Never go for it speak your piece !

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He also encouraged those experiencing similar financial issues to “Never go for it speak your piece !”

Roc Nation didn’t publicly respond but since the original post was deleted and they were later thanked, it’s safe to say some moves were made behind-the-scenes and everyone is happy.