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Trippie Redd has been buzzing with his latest album, !, that shows his versatile flow and music. As a 20-year-old rising star in Hip-Hop, his vision is beyond the sound. Trippie is here to let the game know that on top of his creative sounds, there is a new lifestyle that will be infused the rap game evident by charismatic flow, gold teeth, tattoos, and unique style.

We caught up with “Immortal” rapper and discussed the meaning of the name of his most recent album, his vision behind the “Mac 10” and “Under Enemy Arms” videos and more.

The Source:  “Under Enemy Arms,” how were the vibes in the studio with such a turn-up song?
I was in the studio with [Young] Thug. When the song was made, I thought that he should be on it. He was aiming to be on the song. It was some high sh**.

What is the meaning of ‘!’ the album title?
It pays tribute to X [XXXTentacion]. ! is inspired by his work. The body of work is versatile and doesn’t focus on a specific genre.


When doing the track “Mac 10,” how did you find out that Lil’ Baby and Lil’ Duke would be perfect for the song?
I was in the studio with them while creating the song. I knew it would be fire with both of them putting their verses on the track.

With having over 5 billion streams and millions of views on your videos at such a young age what are some key advice to fans and or rappers about chasing your dreams who are looking up to you?
Working hard to do what you love to do and knowing if you want to do it for the rest of your life. Before my brother had died, I was trying to figure it out with him, at a young age, if rapping is something that I had wanted to do, and he pushed me to do it.

Can you say from your previous album to now that there is growth and more of what you want to come out? Meaning the content of the music.
Yes, all my work is growth. This album is versatile by me doing what I want to do. I put my all into it.

What can you say is your favorite track off the album that you loved to make? Why?
“Snake Skin” and “Immortal” are the most fun making songs because the vibes are crazy.

Out of all the songs in your catalog, what song do you pick to a fan, who has never heard of your music and why?
All of them are different. You have to dive into them and pick the vibe that you like.

What were the concepts of the two visuals: “Mac 10” and “Under Enemy Arms?”
“Mac 10” is a Scarface tribute. I grew up watching it, and I wanted to put that vision in my video. “Under Enemy Arms” interprets a war. It’s meant to be what you feel, like what type of war is going on with what you are going through.