No one can deny that Eddie Murphy has been a mega movie star since he hit the scene in the early 80s. From Beverly Hills Cop to Trading Places to the funny 48 Hours or the cult classic Coming to America, Murphy touches the screen and creates illuminating cinematic magic.

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No movie was more cinematic than his 1986 blockbuster hit, The Golden Child.

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In the film, Murphy plays a detective who specializes in finding lost children. One day he is identified as the “Chosen One,” whose duties are to locate ” The Golden Child,” and protect him from danger. Who is the Golden Child, he is a young Bhuddist mystic who had been kidnapped by an evil sorcerer.  Murphy’s co-star was an adorable little boy that looked like popular early 2000s cartoon, Avatar: The Last Airbender. In fact, many that know the story, can see how there might be a core resemblance between the mysticism of the animation and that within the live action comedy film.

However, the child that appeared to be a little boy in the movie was actually planned by Jasmin L. Reate,  a young 6 year-old Asian girl.  Recently the two met up at a screening of his Murphy’s new Dolemite film. at the Toronto International Film Festival, 33 years after the epic film dropped.

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Now, Reate is a power player in media, serving as the Executive Director of Events at The Hollywood Reporter.

According to THR, the reunion was heartfelt and warm. Reate tells THR, “He was just as kind as I remembered him when I was 6.”

Check out the original trailer from 1986.