Tiffany Haddish has been checking in on her friend Kevin Hart after his car accident and revealed that he is on a road to recovery, detailing that is he back walking.

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“He’s OK. He’s doing fine,” Haddish told Entertainment Tonight while at the Harper’s Bazaar ICONS Event in New York City. “As far as I know, from the last I heard, he’s fine.

“He’s already walking. He’s good.”

Keeping the moment light, Haddish also told a story about how Hart gave her a hard time when she tore her meniscus and had to wear a boot while doing press for Secret Life of Pets 2.


“I’m rocking high heels and I’m walking. I might walk with a limp, but call me a pimp,” she said. “And now I’m gonna make fun of you. When you get back, moving good, Kevin, I’m coming for you. I’m coming for your back.”

Hart’s car accident happened on September 1 resulted in a spine fracture in three different places. Previously it was reported Hart will have an intense physical therapy recovery road.

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