50 Cent is a rapper. Don’t ever get that confused.

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He may move like a baller with his multi-million dollar, multi-network deals that is currently creating scripted and unscripted series for the various networks through his G-Unit Film & Television, Inc. company, but don’t you ever forget where his roots are… And if you do… the Power show creator will remind you.

And it is with that same swagger that he approaches being an executive at STARZ and ABC, two networks blessed to have him as a content curator and creator.


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Fif popped up on The Breakfast Club featuring Angela Yee, Charlamagne the God and DJ Envy on Tuesday, Sept. 10th to talk about his various film/ tv deals, how he loves Joseph Sikora’s character, Tommy on Power and how he is never too big to apologize when he feels like he is wrong.

He also talked about his competitive edge, and how though it seems like he trolls and completely demolishes his competition… that is not just because he is sinister. Everything is a strategy to get him to his highest goal. 50 believes if he has to serve up a beef to create attention than fire up that grill!

On the show, he addressed his most recent social media dust ups regarding Michael Jackson and also changing the Power theme song. 50 unpacked his logic on both situations, and even admitted to making a misjudgment on changing the version of the theme song from the original with Joe to the remix with A Boogie and Trey Songz. It seems that 50 is always ready to pop… and the colorful language that he often uses may make some pale-faced execs turn red- the whole Michael Jackson little boy joke was up there with Dave Chappelle but that is another story…

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‘Power’ Theme Song

With that in mind, Charlamagne asked a question regarding his new business relationship with the ABC network. Charlamagne asked “So no executives over at ABC have ever said anything to you? That’s Disney!”

Fif responded, “That’s right, I can be at Disney and be 50 Cent…  because I am hot as a mother f*cker. When you start making whole networks work, they say ‘Let me see what happens. There may be a method to his madness.”

Whatever the method is, it yields pure gold… and platinum… and mega bank.

50 Cent has taken street culture, his edgy personality and laser like business acumen to the mainstream in a way that no one has done. Sure Puff and Russell Simmons have achieved a certain level of success in these spaces, and even JAY-Z… but what 50 have is a freedom to be authentic and tell his truth like none of these other rap moguls.

Much of that is because he (again) does not accept the title. Talk you, ish 50! We are here for it.