When news broke last month that Kanye West was building dome-like concept homes in his Calabasas neighborhood, the idea seemed pretty neat and innovative overall at the time. However, it now looks like the whole thing was ill-fated from the beginning and has since been demolished for the most part by the City of Los Angeles.

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TMZ, who also broke the original story, now reports that noise complaints from neighbors and the “minor” fact that ‘Ye never got the proper permits to start building in the first place led to the downfall of his otherwise genius idea. As of now, only one tower is still standing, as seen above in the video report by CBS LA, and even that one will have to be torn down before the September 15 deadline put in place by the L.A. County Department of Public Works.

In addition to regulation violations, Kanye and crew were reportedly doing construction for more than 12 hours on Saturdays — it’s against the area’s 8AM – 5PM building policy — and even working on Sundays, which isn’t allowed at all. Hey, maybe the new Wyoming property he just bought will be the new home for his dome community.

Do you think Kanye West is getting unfair treatment for a plan that could change the community, or did he bring this on himself for not following the proper procedure? Let us know your thoughts over on Facebook and Twitter!