In a world that’s becoming more and more digital by the second — we don’t “buy” CDs anymore; we stream them! — one of the biggest aspects of our lives that’s been taken over by the Internet is our social interaction. You may know it better as “social media.”

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Whether you like it or not, the Digital Era is here to stay and will only get more advanced as the years move along. So, before you go and play the game of Likes, comments, tags and Follows, make sure you’re doing it the right way and utilizing the right tools. Keyhole just published a pretty dope article that lists 11 really great tips on how to get more Instagram followers before 2019 ends. From creating a slight theme for your feed to simply engaging naturally with your followers, these suggestions are here so you’ll be “IG famous” in no time — OK, maybe not, but you never know!

Take a look at the top 5 tips you can incorporate into your Instagram user experience to increase your following and social presence overall, using @thesource as your visual guide:



Creating a “look” to your Instagram makes it easy for people to be naturally attracted to your page. If you’re an artist, post art. Sneakerheads may want to curate the freshest and most classic kicks. Or, if you’re a 30-year-old Hip-Hop publication, you may posts links back to the articles that go up on your site daily. Notice that we use banners for our images. Try it for yourself!


The biggest way to get people coming back to your page for more is to always make it interesting. In addition to covering the latest in rap, entertainment, fashion, sports and politics, we also like to throw a few funny videos in the mix here and there. Here’s a good one for example:


Giving yourself a schedule on when (or when not) to post helps with keeping your feed lively and moving at a constant rate. Whether it’s daily or weekly, our team always makes sure to send our favorite pioneers and personalities of the culture a special birthday shoutout. The options of how you can achieve consistency are endless.


Writing your name in your profile makes sense and is pretty standard for the most part, but really getting yourself out there may require you to actually “sell” yourself. No, not in that way — we’re talking about making it known what you do by listing it in your bio. This helps people find and follow you organically on the Explore page when they search your profession and/or skill set. It could even lead to a two-time NBA champion rocking your logo on a T-Shirt.


For most creatives — ‘Creator’ is the official term used on Instagram — IG stories have become a godsend for publishing content without having to overcrowd your feed with images and videos. You even have the option to host polls, Q&As and use a handful of filters to make it look extra fly. Not only do these give your followers the most direct and real look into your content, but it’s also temporary and disappears after 24 hours. In short, it gives your page a sort of episodic quality that keep people engaged and tuning in.

Read the full list over on Keyhole, and be sure to follow us over on @thesource!

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